At Miller Landscapes, we not only specialize in first-class maintenance, planting, and construction — we’re also drainage experts. Pooling, spilling, seepage, flooding: we can find a drainage solution to even your toughest water problems. Whether it’s part of a larger landscaping project or just standalone drainage work, contact Miller Landscapes today and speak with a representative to learn more about how we can provide for all your drainage needs.

Protecting construction

Oftentimes the perfect drainage solution is the one you never have to think about. That’s why all our stone and timber features include built-in drainage systems, to protect the integrity and function of our designs without ever compromising their elegance and beauty.

Creative drainage

If you have water somewhere you don’t want it, let us move it somewhere you do. It’s as simple as that. Using pipes, fabric, gravel and decorative stone, Miller Landscapes offers creative and eye-catching drainage solutions. When you work with Miller, water will never be a problem.