Take your  yard or patio to the next level with a Miller Stoneworks custom water feature. We have experience creating beautiful ponds, waterfalls, streams — whatever your property needs. We take care of everything: planning and designing the project, furnishing the materials, and managing a drainage system that ensures your water feature stays hassle free. Contact Miller Stoneworks today to learn how our team can help bring you an original, custom water feature.

Step #1:  Initial Review

A representative from Miller Landscapes will come to your property and assess your landscaping needs. We’ll consider all the variables — neighborhood constraints, sunlight, runoff, and any other concerns that may arise. We want to talk with you to discuss all the potential solutions.

Step #2:  Cost Proposal

Here at Miller Landscapes, we want you to understand what you’re getting, as clearly as possible, for a great result. Our proposals will lay out all the costs associated with your project: demolition, plantings, stonework, fencing, water works; whatever you need. You will have time to review the proposal and make any changes before the project starts. We’ll never add costs without informing you, and you’ll always be able to consult with our representatives.

Step #3:  Execution

Once you accept our proposal for your project, we are off to the races.  You’ll meet one of our experienced foremen — he’ll guide you through the project, talk with you if you have any questions while the work is underway, and convey any requests or concerns to our project manager. Our foremen have worked with us for many years, and we’re positive you’ll have a great experience.

Step #4:  Closeout

When your project is finished, Miller Landscapes guarantees we’ll leave your property even more pristine than when we found it. Our crew members understand that this is your home, and we’ll be sure to leave it like our own.